Atlas of the Canadian Columbia
Tina Loo


   The Atlas of the Canadian Columbia and its narrative quietly puts into relief what Bill Layman is doing to keep the history of the Columbia River alive in people's hearts and minds."
R.W. Sandford, Chair, United Nations
Water for Life Decade, Canada
   An extraordinary and unusual record of environmental vision... At once biography, geography and history, it is an important addition to regional letters, the study of time sequence landscape photography and environmental history."
Matthew Evenden, Department of Geography
University of British Columbia
   This is an exciting work, beautiful as well as informative. The atlas gives us a marvelous tool for recognizing how much modern technologies and policies ushered in by the Columbia River Treaty (1964) have already reshaped the basin."
Michael Treleaven, SJ, Excutive Director
Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium
   This work provides a foundation for future historians, ecologists, developers, social engineers and a host of others to better understand the river and the consequences of change brought about by the damming of the Canadian Columbia."
Garry Merkel, Chairman of Board
Columbia Basin Trust
   Within its pages one finds important information packaged in such beautiful clothes, especially important now that the Columbia River Treaty between the United States and Canada is up for review."
John Shurts, Legal Counsel
Northwest Power and Conservation Council
   I expect that we will use this atlas on countless occasions in the future as we work towards the restoration of upper Columbia salmon populations and aquatic ecosystems. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Arvene Weaver and Bill Layman. Thanks!"
Bill Green, Director
Canadian Columbia River Inter-tribal Fish Commission
   Bill Layman crosses many borders with a meticulous scholarship crafted upon his great love for the river which flows past his door. Each day of his scholarship is new, surprising, and richly deserving of your time."
Dr. Lorne F. Hammond
Curator of History, Royal British Columbia Museum